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Free Download
Wezzle for Windows

Having fun playing Wezzle?

Why not have a little download-a-roo and you can play it on your computer withall the trimmings like full-screen, highscores and achievements!

  • Four unique items: rockets, bombs, gravity wells and stars.
  • — Relax, be challenged, or get owned with three different difficulty modes.
  • Eye-poppingly colourful graphics.
  • 10 exclusive tracks split over 3 music themes.
  • Over 80 challenging achievements split over 4 difficulty levels.
  • — Play 'til you drop! Unlimited levels.

Oh no! It didn't work!

If you get the error message "Pixel format not accelerated" it means that your display drivers are out of date. Please follow the instructions in the this forum post to install updated drivers.

Hopefully you'll be playing Wezzle in no time!