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Couchware Inc. is an indie game studio based in Toronto, Canada making games the indie way — a team of two, no money, and a lot of humility.

Our goal is to make games that are polished, replayable, platform-tailored, and most of all, memorable.

The Team of Two

Kevin Grad loves to play games in every form, from the digital (video games) to the physical realm (board games and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Kevin also enjoys buying programming books so he can read the first chapter and then put them on his bookshelf.

Cameron McKay has been playing games since the moment his baby hands acquired sufficient manual dexterity. Cameron loves to program in any shape or form, and has a special fondness for renaming his (and Kevin’s) variables.

Well, Not Quite Just Two

Sam Lee, also known as 120bpm, is responsible for all the kick-ass music in Wezzle. In his spare time, Sam plays the keys for Mortal Kombat covers.

There are also dozens of other people who have given us their advice, time, and encouragement. Thanks, other people! You make indie outfits like us possible.