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Couchware interviewed by Mana Pool

November 15, 2010 — Cameron McKay

Kevin and Cameron were recently interviewed by UK gaming site Mana Pool. Here’s a question from the interview regarding what we’d like to develop in the future:

In an ideal world with unlimited funding, what kind of games would you see Couchware developing?

Kevin and I are both big on RPGs and we routinely talk about making one. We’ve also floated around ideas for some unique decentralized MMO designs. If we had unlimited funding, I think we’d really like to push the envelope with regards to bring single-player and multi-player games together, i.e. having single-player worlds that can easily be joined together in a decentralized manner to make ad-hoc multi-player worlds. We’d also like to have a lot more original art in our games and play around a lot more with visual styles.